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Gender and Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Energy

  A personal passion of mine is the whole concept of gender, gender expression, gender roles and gender equality, or lack thereof, and how this relates to spirituality. Through my channellings from the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine I have been shown how they are represented as different archetypes. The Divine Feminine is represented by The Lover, The Mother and The Elder. The Divine Masculine is represented by The Explorer, The Father and The Warrior. Each and every soul in the Universe holds equal amounts of both energies within. When you are incarnated on Earth your soul contract determines your physical circumstances; what body you’ll be born into, what family, where in the world, what society, in order to help you learn particular lessons while you are here. Your soul contract will also determine what levels of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies you will naturally embody.  The energies that you embody are irrelevant to your physical “gender” except in how it may h

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